Tuition fees

Particulars        Class
 VI  to XI (Except Class Ten)
Admission Fee (At the time of admission & subsequently yearly) 60,000    BDT
Caution / Security Money (Refundable) 30,000   BDT
Monthly Tuition Fee 20,000   BDT
Uniform & Haircut  12,500  BDT
Registration Fee 1000     BDT
Prospectus 500 BDT
Total 124,000 BDT
  Particulars   VI & VII         VIII     IX & XI
Stationary Items   2,600 BDT    2,800 BDT   3,400 BDT

1. We are giving concession on admission fee till 30th November, 2021. So the new admission fee is 30,000 BDT.
2. Guardians are required to pay tuition fee before 27th of that month.


We do realise the importance of real talent, We offer various range of scholarships depending on student merit.

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